Public Ferries

Public ferries depart from Malé to Rasdhoo on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday at 9am from the Vilingili Ferry Terminal. In order to catch the ferry, your arriving flight needs to land at the latest 7:30am, or the previous day. Travel from the airport to Male by ferry (10 rufiyaa) and to Vilingili ferry terminal by taxi (25-35 rufiyaa). Tickets are sold for 53 rufiyaa at the ticket counter.
Ferries travel from Rasdhoo to Malé on Saturday, Monday and Wednesday, departing Rasdhoo at 11:00am. The ferry gets to Male by 2:30-2:45pm, so departing flights should be 4pm or later. Tickets cannot be pre-booked, and are sold on the ferry.

Speed Launch

Rasdhoo is served by speed launch from Malé on all days of the week excluding Fridays, departing from Malé to Rasdhoo at 4pm and Rasdhoo to Malé at 7:30am. The cost is $40 per person and best booked by your guesthouse. Launches depart from “Petrol Jetty” in Malé, and you need to budget 90 minutes from touchdown to speed launch departure, so flights arriving before 2:30pm will allow you to catch a speed launch transfer on the same day. For departures, book a flight taking off after 10:30am, when travelling back by speed launch.

Resort Launch

The nearby Kuramathi resort runs a speed launch every day of the week between Rasdhoo and Ibrahim Nasir International Airport. If arriving by air before 8am, you can catch this resort launch at 9am directly from the airport. For departures, you can catch the resort launch from Kuramathi at 6am, arriving at the airport by 7:30, so any flight taking off after 8:30am can be taken on the same day. Tickets cost $95, and needs to be pre-booked by your guesthouse.


There are many seaplane trips between Malé and Rasdhoo daily, costing approximately $260 one way. Best prices when booked with Atoll Transfer.

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Private Charter

Speed launch charters from Malé to Rasdhoo cost about $500-$600, and can seat 20 people. This is the best option for groups. If you plan to arrive/depart on a day when there is no scheduled speed launch, we will check whether there is any charter boat that can accommodate more passengers.