• General

    Many visitors are fooled by a low room rate and then pay high prices for any form of excursions. Most excursions require boat transport (picnic island, snorkeling, sandbank) and will add a considerable chunk of cash to your holiday expense if not included as part of your package. It is advisable to purchase an inclusive package that suits your needs to avoid forking out more dollars every time you want to discover the surroundings.

    At Rasdhoo Dive Centre we aim to pack maximum value into our packages, and provide a truly affordable Maldives experience. The fun excursions, such as night fishing, island trips, snorkeling trips and sunset trips on our yacht are included free into our packages for our divers. (See the Packages tab for trips included on different packages.)

    Rasdhoo dive centre operates two dive Dhonis and two sailing catamarans. Diving package prices are based on full board accommodation at seasonal rates and two dives per day. All scheduled non-diving activities are free to divers on a full board diving package.

  • Scuba Diving

    Scuba diving in the Maldives offers a spectacular array of marine life. Situated in the middle of the Indian Ocean provides a home for many animals including whale sharks, manta rays, eagle rays, reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and moray eels, as well as many smaller fish and coral species.

    For more information, visit Rasdhoo Dive Centre.

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  • Snorkeling

    Fantastic snorkeling can be enjoyed many places around Rasdhoo. A very popular place to snorkel is at Madivaru, the picnic island just east of Rasdhoo. A snorkeling guide accompanies snorkelers to point out interesting species and look after the safety of snorkelers.

  • Night Fishing

    We depart on our Dhoni Bluebird just before sunset and together with experienced fishing guides, show you how beautiful (and tasty!) reef fish are caught. The usual suspects are Grouper, Red Snapper and squirrelfish. If you wish too, our chef will prepare one of the caught fish for you at dinner Try your hand at fishing. This excursion is included free on a diving/accommodation package.

  • Sunset Cruise

    Our second sailing catamaran is based at Rasdhoo Island, doing day trips and sunset champagne. The best place to be from 5:30 to 7pm is on the trampoline, a (non alcoholic) beer in your hand, watching the sunset. Look out for the turtles and mantas that often make their appearance around the yacht.

    This excursion is included free on a diving/accommodation package.

  • Madivaru

    A short hop from Rasdhoo is the uninhabited island of Madivaru. The dive sites of Madivaru Channel, Madivaru Beyru, and Madivaru Corner are in this area. The snorkeling is brilliant, and often you can see all the large species of fish and rays while snorkeling. From here you can actually walk to a sandbank called Finolhu

    Guests on diving/accommodation packages can enjoy free transfers to Madivaru to spend time on this lovely spot.

  • Finolhu

    An extension of Madivaru is the sandbank Madivaru Finolhu. With crystal clear azure blue water all around, Finolhu provides the typical Maldivian beach scene that you expect to see in any Maldives brochure.Finolhu can be reached by walking/wading from Madivaru, or boat drop off at high tide.

    Our scuba diving and safari guests are transferred to Finolhu by boat, to enjoy sunset drinks. This trip is included free on a diving/accommodation package.

  • Yacht charter

    Rasdhoo dive centre arrange yacht charter on our leopard 38 yacht. We do trips in Ari Atoll, North Ari Atoll and in Sourth Male Atoll. So if you want to experience the maldives by ocean, this is a great opprtunity. Read more about this here.